Finished CamelsFor Christmas 2013, my mom and I created handwoven and hand-sewn camels for her grandkids/my nieces/nephews.  This is our 4th year doing a Christmas animal (previous years: giraffe, elephant, tortoise).

The sewing pattern for the camel was designed by Lois Boncer and printed in the August/September 2002 issue Soft Dolls & Animals magazine.

The handwoven skin is woven of Loro Piana 2/12 Camel yarn from Webs set 20 ends per inch.  The weaving draft is a crepe weave by Alice Schlein and available at here.

My mom found the fake fur online (after quite a hunt) and it matched beautifully.

This year, like last year, we made a total of 9 animals - 7 for the kids and one for each of us.

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