Larsson Leather Bound Books (photo: Morgan)

Saturday, the Morgan hosted Adam Larsson for a lecture about his conservation work at Uppsala University Library in Uppsala Sweden and a bookbinding demonstration.  I neglected to bring my camera - but took some snap-shots with my iPod.  The photo at the top of this article is a Morgan photo.

It was great to hear about the library at Uppsala.  It has a very long history (established in the 1600s) and the collection is quite large.  It was also really interesting to watch him bind 2 related book structures.  The 2 bindings that Larsson demonstrated were modern cross structure book bindings developed by Carmencho Arregui.

During the lecture, Larsson also talked about boxes that his conservation department makes.  They have actually taken the time to put together a set of how-to videos and pdf.  You can find those here.

Here are some photos from the demonstration:

Larsson binding samples Larsson at work bench during presentation break

Larsson demonstrating cross structure book binding technique Sample of cross structure book binding technique created during demonstration

"Larsson studied bookbinding and book and paper conservation at Hantverkets Folkhogskola School in Leksand, Sweden. Since 1994 he has worked as a book conservator at the Carolina Rediviva (Uppsala University Library) in Sweden. In his work he has performed conservation treatments on a great variety of different materials: 2000 year-old papyrus fragments, books from Copernicus’ own library, medieval manuscripts, fire and water damaged books and also material from the maps and prints department at the Library. Adam has lectured and conducted classes and workshops at institutions and bookbinding guilds in Sweden, Finland, England, Italy, Jordan and the United States. He spent a month studying the technique and conservation of Byzantine manuscripts in Greece, and has taken classes in book conservation with teachers Anthony Cains, Nicholas Hadgraft, Jim Bloxam, Maria Fredericks and many others." - From Morgan site


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