Samples at the end of the dayOver the weekend, I drove down to Asheville, North Carolina to take a workshop at the Cloth Fiber Workshop in the River Arts District taught by Catharine Ellis.

"In this workshop you'll learn about the dyes that can be used to make fast colors on protein fibers using only tannins and organic acid instead of a mineral mordant (alum). In one simple step you'll obtain a full range of color!"

I always enjoy my visits to Asheville and the surrounding area.  People in Asheville are so friendly, the food is great, and the art and studio craft communities are deeply talented and genuine.

I took a 2-day organic indigo vat workshop with Catharine Ellis last spring when she made the trip up to NE Ohio for a guild offered workshop.  That workshop was fantastic too.  You can see info from that workshop here.

The workshop this past Saturday was focused on a unique way to dye protein fibers (i.e. silk & wool) without the step of mordanting the fiber first.  By the end of the day, we walked away with the information to try the processes on our own and a whole color palette of samples!  Perhaps within the next year or two, I can manage to take one of Catharine's 1 or 2 week workshops so that I can get deeper hands-on experience.

More photos from the day can be found here.

Cochineal Dye Bath Lichen dyebath Rhubarb Dye bath


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