Choosing CraftHere are a couple of great quotes from 'Choosing Craft' book that really speak to me:

"It [Fiberworks] also seemed to catch the imagination of a lot of people. One of the things that happened there right from the beginning; it was a beautiful space, it had a lot of ambiance, so that others wanted to spend time there. I think sometimes environment is important. Just the kind of ambiance somewhere will be conducive to things happening." - Gyongy Laky

"So the community thing is that sharing. People don't go to Haystack or Penland to be alone. They are alone already. They come there to be part of a group, part of a community with shared interests, but not shared experiences. I think that's what's so very vital about those particular schools, that they provide this kind of range of experience that can be shared one to another in a very comfortable way." - Arline M. Fisch

I'm really enjoying this book - it is a little like sitting down and talking to a whole huge cross section of artists/crafts people from the last ~75 years. Many of the passages are taken from oral histories and as such have a very conversational quality.

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