I've been back from my latest Penland adventure for several weeks now and I finally feel like I am getting my feet back under me and a handle on living my normal daily life.

Of course I learned a lot.  Amy Putansu is extraordinary as a person, as a teacher, and as an artist.  I am excited to take what I have learned about working with double back-beams, different grist yarns, combining different fiber types, and working with silk organzine and apply all of them to my work here at the home studio.

The initial skill that I am putting into practice is working with the 2 back beams on a 3 layer piece that has been on the loom in 'time out' for several months.  It was great to be able to take the project out of 'time out' and start weaving on it again with confidence.

I met a really great group of artists both in the class and within the session's community.

More pictures from this latest trip can be found here.

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