Morgan GardenToday was the first of 4 days of the Fiber Paper Textile Book Spirit class at the Morgan being co-taught by Aimee Lee and Velma Bolyard.  Today we processed some local seed and leaf fiber to make paper.  Pulled sheets of paper from already prepared pulp (Gampi, Flax, and Abaca), learned some simple folded book structures, learned how to turn hanji into cord as a preliminary step to making baskets with it, chatted, learned from each other, got a peek at the expanding Morgan garden, and had an all around lovely day!  I am very much looking forward to the next 3 days of class.  Tomorrow we are going to beat the fibers we cooked today (blue/yellow flag iris leaves/stems and cottonwood seeds) and learn how to turn our hanji cords into baskets... and more stuff I'm sure too.

More photos from today here including photos documenting the steps to cut down a sheet of hanji in preparation of cord-making

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