Adding cottonwood seed to the beaterDay 2 started with rinsing the wild blue/yellow flag iris stems fiber and cottonwood seed fiber that we had cooked the day before.  Then, we went into the beater room at the Morgan to beat both batches of fiber to get them ready for sheet formation.  This was my first time seeing these parts of the process and while the beating process it really loud, it is also pretty cool.

Next up was more papermaking/sheet pulling.  We still had vats of abaca, flax and gampi available for pulling sheets.  They mixed the new fibers with abaca or flax (need to find out which) to make them better for sheet pulling.  I think I pulled around 15 new sheets today including some where I double-couched 2 different fibers together. 

After lunch we put the sheets into the sheet dryers - so tomorrow morning, we should have more dry, flat sheet of paper :)

We also spent time in the afternoon making bark lace from the kozo that we had cooked and rinsed.

One of the last activities of the day was cutting lotka paper into a continuous strip to use to spin into yarn that we will then weave with.  This spun, woven paper is called Shifu.

Tomorrow we will have a little more time for making paper and will hopefully actually learn to spin the paper and prepare a way to weave it.

I'm sure they have more up their sleeves for us too - including walnut ink, persimmon dye, and who knows what else? :)

Plenty more photos from today here.

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