My spun paperYesterday & today were days 3 and 4 of the 4 day workshop.  We learned about twining, persimmon dye, shifu... made more paper, learned some more book structures, etc.  I can't believe just how much stuff they packed into the 4 days and just how much stuff I learned and how many materials that I started.  I have a very nice stack of handmade papers, 3 skeins of paper yarn that I spun, a twined basket started, some kozo bark lace, some hanji that I started to 'felt' - sort-of a beginning step to joomchi.  So much stuff!

I'm pretty hooked on spinning paper into yarn on my drop spindle.  I dyed 2 of the skeins in persimmon dye today in class.  Tonight I finished spinning the 3rd skein that I intend to dye in my indigo vat later this week.  I also have enough of the same paper to spin 2 more skeins of yarn... so then I can decide how I want to weave it (aka - make shifu).


I'm really intregued by several of the glueless, stitchless book structures we learned... so perhaps something will come of that.

So much started

So many idea incubating

So much possibility

I will just have to figure out where to take it next

More pictures from day 3 here - day 4 here

Drying gampi paper Eastern style

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