The Northfield House with the Spinach Tree,  William Sommer (American, 1867-1949)"To experience a geographical place, one seeks ways to communicate about it. There are many ways to tell others what certain places look like, feel like, what they mean and how they got that way. Interpreters of northeastern Ohio's Western Reserve, Cleveland School artists William Sommer, Henry Keller and Frank Wilcox lived in it and traveled over it. Shaped by the region's geographical influences, their visual impressions reveal the natural, planned and built landscape and the people who inhabited it." -Gladys Haddad from 'Interpreters of the Western Reserve William Sommer, Henry Keller, Frank Wilcox'

So much art is strongly geographically influenced...mine certainly has been. My earliest interest in photography was a desire to capture the feeling and beauty of the waterfalls that my family would hike to on vacation.

I'm currently percolating an idea for an art piece that looks at the geographical aspect of my art influences and teachers that will perhaps be the first direct melding of my geographic and artistic skills resulting in 'art' rather than 'map'

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