Finished Baby BlanketI finished weaving the "big kid" blanket last night.  I started twisting the fringes.  It is a slow process.  This is the biggest thing I have ever woven.  It was really exciting to cut it off the loom, unwind it and then unfold it to see just how big it is.  Unfortunately, there are some errors - but I should be able to fix some of them and washing the blanket should make some of the other errors more minimal. 

It is a suprisingly warm and sun-shiny day, so, I took the finished baby blanket outside to take more pictures.  Click on the one here to see the rest.

I intend to finish with the fringe twisting, repairs and wet finishing this week.  So, I should be able to get started on my next project this weekend!  Anthony is excited since it will mean that he will finally get a really portable chess board Smile.


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