FinishedI took the day off of work today so I had bonus time to spend completing the blankets.  I stayed up late last night repairing errors in both blankets and then sending them through the washer to wet finishing them.  I had actually washed the baby blanket already but I hadn't corrected the errors, so after needle-weaving in some repair warps & wefts, I washed it again with the big blanket.  I was a little worried that needle-weaving a piece that was already wet finished would be too difficult but it wasn't too much harder.

When I got up this morning, I trimmed the needle-woven yarn and gave them both another looking-over.  I noticed a couple more weft shots where I hadn't overlapped the end of one bobbin and the beginning of the next far enough to keep them from separating during shrinkage - so I had a couple more repairs on that blanket.

This is the first time I have taken the time to correct weaving errors with one of my projects after I have cut them off of the loom.  I have to say, it makes the whole process more satisfying.  Instead of thinking "hey, I did my best - too bad it has all these mistakes,"  I think, "hey, now it is some much closer to perfect!"

I definitely noticed that the errors were more obvious on this project.  I think there are two main reasons for this. First, it is in plain weave and with such a simple weave structure, errors in that structure are all the more obvious. And Second, these are chunkier yarns and it is therefore easier to see the weave structure and any errors in it.

I have definately learned a lot from this project.  I do have plans to weave at least one more double weave blanket in the future for my niece Katie (she told me that she wants pink).  Hopefully, with a little luck and the things I have learned with this project, I will be able to create the next ones with fewer errors to correct at the end.

Well, onto the next project - summer and winter checker boards... I will keep you posted on the progress.

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