Getting the Hang of the EdgesLast weekend, I visited my mom and we went to the Black Swamp Spinners Guild's Market Day and Fiber Fest.  I have been toying with the idea of learning to spin, but I didn't want to spend much money to try it.  I was able to find a drop-spindle made out of a stick and a modified CD rom and it came with a little wool roving to get started.

Also, while I was at my mom's house, we delved into my mom's fiber arts stuff she has stored in her garage... fun stuff.  She agreed to loan me her inkle loom so that I could try out portable weaving.  So, Friday night, I warped it up for the first time.  It was fairly easy with directions from the book she gifted me with last week.  I only made one major mistake... I didn't realize that i need to put the heddles on AS I WAS warping it.  I mistakenly assumed that I could just slip them on afterwards.  It didn't turn out too badly though, since I found a way to loop them on well enough after the fact.  (I wasn't about to unwind everything and start over!)


The colors coordinate with the checkerboard that I am weaving on my table loom right now.  I am thinking of using the inkle weaving as a tie to secure the rolled up checkboards.


Inkle Weaving

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