sample on loomI finished warping my loom this weekend for my new project.  I don't want to give too much away on this one, since it is another gift, but I will be weaving these blankets in two pieces and then learning yet another new skill by needle weaving the two halves together.  In order to get the best possible selvages to piece together, I have fishing line under high tension coupled with both floating selvages (you might be able to see it in the photo).


In this photo, you can start to see what it might look like from the sample I have started to weave.  To create the stripes for this design, I used the random stripe generator.  I then mirrored the pattern.  Once both halves are pieced together, the pattern will be mirrored again.  I like the effect so far.  I have been afraid to work with stripes and too many colors for fear they would turn out too regular, or boring, or busy.  So far, I am please with the results I am getting.  I am currently weaving the sample with red in the warp.  I also intend to try it with white and see which one I like better.  If I like them both, I will weave one blanket in red and one in white!

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