Victor's New BlanketVictor is very shy about getting his picture taken, but when he decided to sleep with his new blanket, I had to sneak a picture.  It is really nice to have my weaving appreciated even by an almost teenager.  I'm also glad to see that is it long enough for him to use, at least for now.  I am predicting that by his 13th birthday, he will be taller than his mom.

I am continuing to weave up the primary colored blankets.  I have 115 of 180 inches woven at this point.  It is coming along well.  I am getting consistant selveges - being helped by the weighted floating selvedges and the aligator-clip temples.

I also spent a little time with Katie this weekend showing her the yarn I have picked out for her blanket and showing her some overshot patterns that I am considering using for the blanket.  I think for her to really get an idea of how the different patterns will look, I will need to create picture mockups using her colors.  At almost 8 years old, she was having trouble ignoring the colors of in the sample book and kept being drawn the the patterns done in pink.  My mom mentioned that she would have the same problem.  I hope to have this next project warped and ready to start weaving by the time Victor & Katie next visit at the end of June.

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