I have a new loom! I have a new loom!  Thanks to my fantastic husband, fantastic dad and fantastic mom... I was able to drive up to Ann Arbor, MI this past Saturday and purchase an incredible Harrisville Designs 36" 8 shaft loom!!!!  Can you tell that I am excited about this new-to-me loom?  It is in gorgous condition and the woman who sold it to me (Holly) was incredibly sweet and helpful.  Holly, if you read this, THANK YOU.  I will take good care of your baby.

Holly built this from a kit in 1990 - and still had all of the assembly instructions and even the screw driver that came with the loom!

Now, to plan my next project to utilize 8 SHAFTS :)

Stay tuned in the coming monthes to see what I manage to do with 8 shafts.



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