Finished GiraffeLast Christmas, my mom and I took on our first weaving/sewing collaborative project: Giraffes from Weaving a Zoo by Amy D. Preckshot.  I wove the yardage using Preckshot's directions and then my mom did a great job of figuring out how to follow Preckshot's pattern for constructing the stuffed giraffes.  We both working on sewing a total of 5 of these up just in time to give them away to the nieces/nephews/grandkids for Christmas.  It took some time to figure out how to work with handwoven cloth.  I probably should have beat the fabric more to get a firmer fabric - but in the end, we used a fusable lining to reinforce the fabric.  This made us both more comfortable turning the pieces inside out and stuffing them without ruining the fabric.  This also made it easier to get the giraffes to stand up properly.  I was brand-new to making stuffed animals, but my mom has had a lot of experience making a number of different sized stuffed bears.  If I had listened to her better about how much stuffing really needs to be forced into them, the first one would have stood up better!  All in all, it was a great project.  The kids really seem to like them.

I had woven about 8 yards of fabric with the anticipation of making a total of 8 giraffes - some with tall necks and some with bent necks.  We still have some fabric left - and my mom was kind enough to sew one up for me recently.  Most of these pictures are of this 6th giraffe.

Our next joint project will be the elephants from the same book - but this time, we are going to start a lot sooner so that we have more time to sew them, stuff, them and finish them up!

Click here for more pictures!

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