Wall Sculpture - photo credit: Dina RossiThis project was very much an experiment that I learned a lot from.  I made the mistake of using embroidery floss for both warp and weft in this project.  Doing so managed to increase the complexity and annoyance of executing the project without an equal amount of benefit.

I did however get to put some of the skills and ideas to work that I learned/dreamt up at Penland last year in Amy Putansu's class.  Overall, I am pleased with the results of the experiment and I look forward to further refining it to produce a wall sculpture that I am even more pleased with.

Things to repeat:

  • Using wired embroidery floss as floating selvedges
  • Interchanging the layers
  • 'sewing' the ends through a stretched canvas

Things to try next:

  • Discontinuous layers
  • Layers that align on one side
  • Pickup design to create subtle design elements
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