Triple-weave blanketFor a birthday trip last week, we went to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater for the first time.  It was spectacular!!  Initially, I didn't bring my camera in since I knew that photos during the tour are not allowed.  After the inside tour, we got a chance to walk around the grounds and view the house from the outside.  I was so enjoying just looking, that initially, I didn't want to go back to the car for my camera.

The thing that finally inspired me to go get the camera was this triple-weave blanket that is for sale in the gift shop.  It is really spectaluar and worth every penny that I couldn't/didn't spend on it.  After snapping photos of the blanket, we walked around the grounds again so that I could take some pictures of the house as well.

On the home-weaving front, I have finished the 'prototype' self-portrait in time to take it along this weekend to Woolfest.  I will be spending the day Saturday demonstrating double-weave pickup at the Guild-booth at Woolfest.  I am also going to bring along a number of samples for the booth.  I haven't decided exactly what to bring along yet... but I will figure that out tomorrow night (along with preparing the loom for travel, getting all my tools together, etc.)


I have also been warping my 'big' loom with 2 colors of teal merino wool for yardage for my mom to make her Daryl Jacket.  Warping is coming along well.  I have it all beamed, threaded and sleyed as of tonight.  The next step is to tie on and then weave up a sample.  I am excited to see how it weaves up and to make sure it will be a stable enough fabric for my mom to sew with.  I am using the full weaving width of the loom (36") and put a 7 yard warp on that I hope to be able to weave at least 6 yards worth (as well as a 12-18" sample).

Look for pictures of that soon.

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