This has been a lovely weekend.  Friday was the opening reception for the Juried Art show at Valley Art Center.  My parents & my sister drove over/up for it.  It was great to see all of them.  To top the already lovely evening off, I received an honorable mention in the show for my kozo heart!  I also spoke briefly with one of the jurors, A.D. Peters and he was very complementary of my work.  I was blown away by a lot of the work in the show - including the oil/rust painting by Peters.

I also received the great news that I will be attending Penland again this summer as a studio assistant for a weaver whose work I greatly admire.  Once the class has been announced, I'll share more info.

I rounded out the weekend by finally catching up on entries for my website and a lot of time weaving in my studio.  Christmas is coming up fast... and I have animal skin weave for this year's Christmas animal!

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