Flexagon PartyI finished weaving the turtle skins for this years Christmas animal earlier this week... and took the empty loom opportunity to start sampling for the next multi-layer wall sculpture.  I bought 2 cones of Habu stainless steel/silk last summer planning to use it to sample for the next wall sculpture.  I originally set the warp at 20epi - but that was much too open, so I re-slayed it at 24 epi - which took my sample from 6" wide down to 5" wide.  It should still give me wide enough samples to work with.  I have already found out that my normal high-tension is probably too tight for this yarn, as it seems to be breaking the stainless part of the warp threads.  I am hoping that I can avoid this problem if I lessen the tension enough.

Also, I found an article in the Chagrin Valley Times about the juried show at the Valley Art Center that mentions my honorable mention.  You can read the article here.

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