preparing to dye samplesPlease see a previous entry for additional information about the Organic Indigo Vat Dyeing workshop taught by Catharine Ellis.

On the last day of the workshop, one of our tasks was to do a multi-dip sample using one of our vats.  At the time, my sugar vat was the only one that had settled enough to be able to do a long enough strip for this.  Now that I am back at home and continuing to learn about my vats, I decided to re-do the experiment on all 4 of my vats.

Here are the results:


Multi-dip samples

From top to bottom: 1 dip, 2 dips, 3 dips, 4 dips, 5 dips

From left to right: Sugar, Fruit, Henna, Ferrous

To see more photos from the process, check out this album.

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