preparing to dye samplesToday I had the pleasure of meeting Kathie Roig in person as she began teaching our guild about warp-painting her way.  Kathie is a wonderful teacher and really inspiring.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the fun & playfulness of experimenting with paint on our looms.  I know that I did.  I think for many adults (and perhaps some children), painting is intimidating.  Painting is such a traditional artistic medium that we tend to expect perfection from it or declare it beyond our skill level.  For some reason, today, I found it a lot less intimidating and I was much more willing to experiment, even if it meant I could fail.  Thank you to Kathie for helping to create an atmosphere in the classroom today to make that possible!


Over the next two days, we are going to continue to do some on-loom warp painting and also learn about off loom techniques.  I am excited!  Stay tuned here for more photos & info.

For additional picture from today, check out the gallery section of my website.

Painted warp

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