I had the joy of being Amy Putansu's studio assistant for her Doubleweave class at Penland during the 3rd summer session.  One of the many perks of being a studio assistant is the chance to share a 5 minute slide presentation of my work.  I enjoyed putting this slide show together and decided to go ahead and share it here.

I have had a piece (Repair/Replace) accepted into the 2014 Focus: Fiber show.

Focus: Fiber is a national contemporary art show that was juried by Paola Morsiani.  Of the 395 artworks submitted by 155 artists, Paola Morsiani chose 62 for the exhibition.

The show runs from September 26th, 2014 - January 18th, 2015 at the Erie Art Museum in Erie, PA


Woven Shibori, Organic Indigo ScarfKitchen TowelsI have begun selling functional woven items!  So, where can you buy them?

  • Angelwood Gallery in Grand Rapids, OH from June 19th - July 31st (handwoven, hand dyed baby blankets and scarves)
  • HeightsArts in Cleveland Heights, OH starting soon (kitchen towels to start and later in the summer, handwoven, hand dyed baby blankets and scarves)

Choosing CraftHere are a couple of great quotes from 'Choosing Craft' book that really speak to me:

"It [Fiberworks] also seemed to catch the imagination of a lot of people. One of the things that happened there right from the beginning; it was a beautiful space, it had a lot of ambiance, so that others wanted to spend time there. I think sometimes environment is important. Just the kind of ambiance somewhere will be conducive to things happening." - Gyongy Laky

"So the community thing is that sharing. People don't go to Haystack or Penland to be alone. They are alone already. They come there to be part of a group, part of a community with shared interests, but not shared experiences. I think that's what's so very vital about those particular schools, that they provide this kind of range of experience that can be shared one to another in a very comfortable way." - Arline M. Fisch

I'm really enjoying this book - it is a little like sitting down and talking to a whole huge cross section of artists/crafts people from the last ~75 years. Many of the passages are taken from oral histories and as such have a very conversational quality.

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