Fleet of TortoisesThis year's Christmas animal is complete.  With 2 new nieces this year, my mom and I had the biggest 'order' for animals yet.  We also actually planned & completed 2 bonus animals - one for each of us to keep - bringing the total to 9 completed tortoises.  Pictured here are the six I finished.  We probably won't manage to get all 9 photographed together, but if we do, I will post another picture.  Like the previous two years the fabric and sewing patterns for these animals come from Weaving a Zoo.


Prototype TortoiseToday, I spoke with Liz Murray the textile studio coordinator at Penland - and confirmed that I will be the studio assistant for Jennifer Moore during her Doubleweave Basics and Beyond class June 9-21, 2013!!!!

If you are looking for a wonderful learning experience, I highly recommend registering for the class.  Penland is always a lovely experience, Jennifer Moore is a brilliant weaver, artist, and teacher, and double-weave is a lot of fun.

I'm looking forward to experiencing Penland from the position of a studio assistant.  I expect that it will be a bit different from the experience of a regular, paying student.  Check the link above for registration information, etc.

Thank you Jennifer Moore & Liz Murray!

kozo in MJC's gardenSteaming Kozo over wood fireI just spent a lovely day at the Morgan Conservatory helping with their kozo harvest & fiber processing.  Since taking a workshop there this summer with Melissa Jay Craig and working with kozo for the first time, I have been interested in better understanding how the materials we used get from being a tree to malleable for paper or sculptural work.

Trimming BranchesI arrived at the Morgan this morning at 10:00AM.  They had already cut the branches from the garden, but the first step for this morning was cutting them to lengths that would fit in the LARGE pot for steaming.

Prototype TortoiseBefore cutting into the handwoven tortoise fabric, I used some store bought fabric (scraps from a skirt I had made) to sew up a 'prototype' tortoise to make sure I knew how to put it together.  I think I might change a few things but I am basically ready to start cutting out & sewing the tortoises!

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