Flexagon PartyHere is a preview for this year's Weaving a Zoo animal - the tortoise/turtle.  This section of the fabric shows the detail of the center top & bottom shells.  I just printed out the animal pattern and I am going to try to sew a prototype out of non-handwoven fabric today.  This pattern takes a different approach to assembling the animal than the giraffe & elephant patterns we did the previous 2 years.  There appears to be a great deal more hand sewing to create the tortoises.  I'm not very fond of hand sewing, but hopefully this won't be too bad.

Flexagon PartyI finished weaving the turtle skins for this years Christmas animal earlier this week... and took the empty loom opportunity to start sampling for the next multi-layer wall sculpture.  I bought 2 cones of Habu stainless steel/silk last summer planning to use it to sample for the next wall sculpture.  I originally set the warp at 20epi - but that was much too open, so I re-slayed it at 24 epi - which took my sample from 6" wide down to 5" wide.  It should still give me wide enough samples to work with.  I have already found out that my normal high-tension is probably too tight for this yarn, as it seems to be breaking the stainless part of the warp threads.  I am hoping that I can avoid this problem if I lessen the tension enough.

Also, I found an article in the Chagrin Valley Times about the juried show at the Valley Art Center that mentions my honorable mention.  You can read the article here.

This has been a lovely weekend.  Friday was the opening reception for the Juried Art show at Valley Art Center.  My parents & my sister drove over/up for it.  It was great to see all of them.  To top the already lovely evening off, I received an honorable mention in the show for my kozo heart!  I also spoke briefly with one of the jurors, A.D. Peters and he was very complementary of my work.  I was blown away by a lot of the work in the show - including the oil/rust painting by Peters.

I also received the great news that I will be attending Penland again this summer as a studio assistant for a weaver whose work I greatly admire.  Once the class has been announced, I'll share more info.

I rounded out the weekend by finally catching up on entries for my website and a lot of time weaving in my studio.  Christmas is coming up fast... and I have animal skin weave for this year's Christmas animal!

I got the great news today that the 2 pieces I entered in the Valley Art Center's juried art show were accepted!


41st Annual Juried Art Exhibit

November 3 – December 13, 2012

Opening Reception:  Friday, November 2 from 6-8pm

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