We recently returned from our week at Penland and about all I can say is "wow."  Getting to spend a whole week creating, learning from beautiful, talented artists, and eating great food is perfect, to say the least.  The best way my non-verbal mind can express the experience is through images.

Click here to see more photos from this experience.

I finished weaving Lily's second blanket this evening.  Next steps are getting it off the loom, stabilizing the edges, wet-finishing and hemming.  She isn't due to arrive until the 9th, so, I should be able to get it all done.

In other weaving news, I joined a weaving guild earlier this year.  Last night was the monthly meeting and the topic of the month was tips and tricks presented by a very experienced, long-time weaver.  It was really inspirational.  One of the things she has suggested is writing up an artist's statement.  I haven't worked on an artist's statement in many years and never in relation to my weaving.  With the class at Penland coming up, I think it would be good to make it a priority.  I will set a goal of September 30th to have a statement drafted.

More pictures of Lily's blankets can be found here.

It has been a very long time since I have posted.  I have done some weaving in the time since I last posted, but not much.  We have moved yet again.  This time we are staying put for a while.  I finally have everything in place to weave and I am working diligently on baby blankets for a new niece who is due next month.  I will post pictures of the blankets in progress a little later.

In other weaving new - I get to spend a week taking a weaving class at Penland School of Craft in North Carolina this fall.  I am very excited about the opportunity.  I have wanted to take a class there for as long as I have know about the school.  A friend of mine who has taken classes there descibes it as an "Art Camp for Grownups."  What's not to love with that?  I will certainly post pictures and descriptions of my experience there later this year.

Well... it has been a while since my last post.  I moved to a new city in mid-November and started a new job.  My life has slowly been returning to my idea of normal.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the linen lace project in time for Christmas.  The good news is that my loom is in a much more functional space now and last weekend I finished weaving the rest of the linen warp.  Last night I wet-finished the pieces - so now, I just need to hem them.  I'm not sure whether to send them out as VERY LATE Christmas presents OR hold on to them 'til spring and send them out as spring/Easter presents.  With the dogwood flowers in the pattern - they have a great early spring theme - but, with all the snow of January in NE Ohio, a little bit a spring to hang in the window might be nice :)  I will post pictures of the finished window hangings after I have hemmed them.  I am really pleased with the way they are turning out.


My next project is going to be a team effort with my mom.  I am going to weave the fabric - and she is going to sew it up into some interesting presents for my nieces and nephews :)

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