Katie's birthday party last weekend was a lot of fun.  She seemed to enjoy all of her presents quite a bit.  Here is a photo of her trying out her new blanket with her new doll put to bed at her feet, reading her new book and wearing a bracelet she has made from the beads she also got as a gift!  This kid is awesome.

Well, I have really been neglecting this journal - but not my weaving.  I have finished the blanket for Katie that she helped me to sample.  Hopefully she will like it (Her birthday party is this weekend).  I will post pictures of her and the new blanket next week.  For now, learn a little more about the project here and view photos of it here.

Finished BlanketLast weekend I cut the blankets off of the loom and finished them.  I always love reaching the point where the weaving portion of a project is complete and the finishing can begin.  I am also ALWAYS nervous about the "finishing" of a project.  This time, I had a new-to-me step in the process.  I needed to seam to panels together to form a wide enough cloth to call it a blanket.  I had been very careful while weaving the blanket to get consistent edges and I hoped I was being consistent enough with my beat that the pattern would match well when I went to seam it.  I lucked out and/or hard work and extra care paid off.  I am thrilled with the way the panels came together.

Actually doing the seaming was REALLY painful for me.  I like to hand sew, but my problem neck, shoulder, arm, hand and fingers don't really like it.   The little bit of warping of the plane that was caused by matching the pattern disappeared during the wet-finishing process. Here are a couple of pictures of the seaming process:

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