I wet-finished and hemmed the checkerboards over the weekend.  The wet-finishing left some lighter spots in the light blue warp that I am not sure I to fix... but I will either figure it out, or I will live with the effect.  It puts a damper on my hope to sell the extras.

We tried one of the boards out by playing a Looney Labs pyramid game called Volcano. It requires a 5x5 playing board so we were able to fold up the edges of the board to define the play area.

I have begun planning my next project - primary colored baby blankets that will have two halves seamed together after weaving.  This will allow me to choose a more complicated weave structure that double-weave on a 4-shaft loom will allow.  I hope to start winding the warp tonight.

fabric on rollI finished weaving my checkerboards tonight!  I was just barely able to finish the full length of the second table runner.  My shed was so small that the shuttle fit VERY tightly... but I finished it.

Well, I have finished weaving 3 stand-alone checkerboards and a table runner with checkerboards on either end... and I still have warp left.  I might even have enough left for a second table runner.

I'm not sure what I will do with my "extras."  Perhaps I will see if one of the local shops would be willing to sell some them.

I ordered yarn this weekend for my next project(s).  I have another baby blanket in the works and another big-kid blanket. (There seem to be a lot of babies on the way.)

checkerboard on loomI have the checkboards well underway.  I finished weaving the second stand alone board today.  I think I should be able to get one more stand alone board and and table runner with boards on each end woven from the warp I have on the loom.  I am pleased with the way they are working out.  I am using a summer and winter weave structure with a space-dyed purple/blue/green yarn for the darker squares.  The lighter square are either light blue or light blue and white.

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