In 2014, Mary Mather and I continued our collaboration to create handwoven stuffed animals for her grandchildren/my nieces/nephews.  This year we created dragons using a pattern by Lois Boncer (the same designer as the camels from 2013).

For the fabric, I used 10/2 cotton in both the warp and the weft.  The warp was made from 2 shades of green and the weft is a blue.  I was able to achieve a bit of an iridescent effect from this combination.

The weaving draft came from the Strickler 8-shaft pattern book (page 103, pattern #370) - a plaited twill.  This draft was chosen to mimic scales.

I began weaving in 2007, taking classes with Pat Bullen at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, and I really fell in love with the craft. I took several session of classes at the Center allowing me to get experience working on 3 different floor looms, different fiber types, and different weaves completing the whole process from choosing the yarn, to measuring the warp, warping the loom, weaving the projects and then finishing the projects off the loom. I was also able to display a couple of my projects at the Student Exhibit at the Center in May 2008.

I now own a Harrisville 8-shaft 36" floor loom, an 8-shaft Macomber BabyMac loom (portable), and a 24-shaft ARM Patronic loom.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to study with nationally-known teachers both through local guild-offered workshops and through classes at Penland School of Crafts.  I have also started to exhibit work in local and national/international shows.

Please see fiber arts section, my project journal, and my gallery for additional information and photos.

8 new towels completed:

  • 24 shaft straight-draw threading
  • Some patterns from; and at least 1 designed by me
  • 10/2 cotton warp in white, off-white, and gray
  • 10/2 cotton weft in denim blue, pale yellow, and black; 10/2 bamboo weft in red
  • Doubleweave 2/2 twill hems so that the towels are completely reversible.


CardioatropheCardioatrophy is a new piece stitched from eastern style paper made by hand right here in Cleveland, Ohio in the eastern paper making studio at the Morgan Conservatory.

This piece was made specifically as an auction item for the Morgan's 7th Annual Benefit and Silent Auction: Mulberry Madness to be held Saturday, October 11, 2014.

The piece is made from a sheet of Chiri paper provided by the Morgan.

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