Indigo/Walnut ScarvesThese 2 new scarves were a continuation of my experiments with organic indigo dyeing and investigations into weaving items for potential sales.  These are woven in 10/2 mercerized cotton in an undulating twill with doubleweave selvedges.  I wound the warp in 2 warp chains and dip-dyed the warp (prior to weaving) in both my organic indigo vat and a walnut dye bath.  This was my first attempt to dye with walnut.  The weft is un-dyed white 10/2 mercerized cotton.

The walnuts were very kindly gathered by a co-worker from her backyard and gifted to me last fall (Thank you Joy).  I soaked the whole, husk-intact walnuts in water for approximately 2 weeks before removing the organic matter.  I then proceed to stir the walnut 'juice' every couple of days just to keep it stirred up and to delay the chance of it turning moldy.

I'm think that if I wanted a darker color from the walnut, I would either need to concentrate the liquid more or cook it longer, but I am really pleased with the subtle, organic look to the areas dyed with walnut and with how they play off of the more deeply-dyed indigo areas.

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