Finished blanketMy loom's weaving width is 22".  For this project, I wanted to weave 2 blankets, one for a baby and one for an older kid.  22" is not wide enough for a blanket so I needed to employ a new-to-me technique called Double Weave.  One way Double Weave can be used allows the weaver to weave pieces that are twice the width of the loom's weaving width.  In my case, this would allow the pre-finished width to be 44" - perfect!

Basically, using double weave to make a double-width piece requires twice the number of harnesses for the same weave structure woven the standard way.  This means that I only had two harnesses to work with for weave structure - so I choose to weave them using tabby or plain weave.

Materials: Valley Cotton 3/2 space -dyed (color: Forest Combo) and 1450 Cotton Chenille (color: Griffin) (1450 yds/lb).

Double WeaveI completed two blankets - one baby blanket that after finishing measures about 34"x36" and one larger blanket that after finishing measures about 55"x36".

This was my first double-weave project.  For my notes from while it was in progress, please check out the "project journal" section of my website.

Click here for more photos of this project. 

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