This blanket was woven as a birthday present for my niece Katie.  She helped me to pick colors and the weave structure.  When she visited me back in June, she helped me to weave the sample.  Originally, I was planning to use gray cotton chennille for the weft, but after sampling, I decided to use the same pink cotton from the warp as the pattern weft and use a thinner gray cotton as the tabby weft.  The pattern is much more subtle this way, but also more elegant.


Weave Structure: Overshot - Small Honeysuckle from Dixon's The Handweaver's Pattern Directory
Warp yarn:     Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 5/2 - Gray Mauve, Mosstone, Violet Nights
Weft yarn:     Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 10/2 - Frost Gray & Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 5/2 - Gray Mauve

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