6-layer piece - on the loomIn June 2011 I took the opportunity to return to Penland to take Amy Putansu's multi-layer weaving class.  Amy is an incredible weaver, teacher, and person.  Suzanne Gernandt had suggested that I take Amy's class and I am very grateful for the wonderful suggestion.  I was able to use a 12-shaft Macomber loom during the 2 week class and really explore not only double-layer multi-block weaves but was also able to experiment with weaving up ot 6 separate layers on the loom - playing with the way they intersected one another.  6-layer piece at show and tellIn her own work, Amy was experimenting with sculptural effects from multilayer weaving and she showed us some interesting effects using hardening agents.  It was a wonderful 2 weeks for experimenting and for starting to seed ideas for future work.  A year & a half later, I am still working through ideas that started in that class.

The students in the class were also wonderful.  Lynn McClure was in both this class and the first class that I took at Penland – and it wasAmy's work in progress great to see her again.  She lives near Penland and graciously opened her home to use for an afternoon away from the studio.It was a much needed break and a really pleasant afternoon.We all had a wonderful time working together and expanding our knowledge and ideas.

Amy Putansu leads the Textile Arts Program at Haywood.

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