Portrait of Mollie (photo credit: Dina Rossi)After experimenting with creating a 2-color portrait using double-weave pickup techniques, I used the Portrait of Mollie as an opportunity to experiment with a 3-color piece where the 3rd color is formed through the blending of the other 2 colors.  Of course this has further sparked my interest in triple- and quadruple-weave pick-up.

Fabric Heart (photo credit: Dina Rossi)This piece was created out of fabric that I wove using stainless steel/silk yarn.  This was also my first experiment in constructing a figurative sculpture out of fabric.  This involved drafting and refining a flat pattern that once constructed would mimic a 3-dimentional human heart.  Using the stainless steel/silk yarn, that has a physical memory, made it possible to leave the resulting heart hollow rather than stuffing it with filler.

Kozo Heart (photo credit: Dina Rossi)This piece grew out of what I learned in a paper sculpture class at the Morgan taught by Melissa Jay Craig.  The experiments and learning from that class led to me explore the shape and imagery of the human heart and I found myself making several pieces in this vein over the last year.  This particular piece, built out of kozo bark and embroidered with cotton yarn, was accepted into the Valley Arts Center annual juried show and won an honorable mention.

The Christmas animal gift for the nieces and nephews this year is a (mostly) handwoven stuffed tortoise from Weaving a Zoo.  The head and shell are woven from 10/2 cotton.

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