In 2010, my mom and I embarked on a joint project to weave and sew stuff animals for all her grandchildren for Christmas.  For this first Christmas, we chose to create the Giraffe's from Weaving a Zoo by Amy Preckshot.  These were a bit of a challenge as it was our first attempt to really sew with handwoven fabric.  We rapidly realized that an iron-on interfacing would make the project much easier.  We were successful in creating 1 for each grandchild in time for Christmas.  We still have some of the yardage left... and are contemplating what else to make it into.  More photos of this project can be found here.

View of Penland - Lily Loom House on rightI was very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a week studying weaving at the Penland School of Craft in Penland, NC in fall 2010.  I have wanted to take a class there for many years.  My first introduction to Penland was through my friend, Ann, in Art School.  We were both in a MFA program in photography that was anything but healthy for the creative process.  For me, the art school experience set my creative life into a tail-spin. 

2010 brought another niece into my life.  With a name like Lily, floral colors and motif seemed appropriate for blankets to wrap her up in.  I used 5/2 valley cotton in mosstone, violet nights, wedgewood blue, banana, and gray mauve.  I chose to do borders on these blankets.

These window hangings are the first project I wove on my new-to-me 8-shaft Harrisville 36"-wide floor loom.  I worked out the design using a draft from the 8-Shaft pattern directory.  These were woven in Valley Yarns 40/2 natural colored linen.  I was originally planning to make table napkins - but they evolved into window hangings on dowel rods because they are at their best with light flooding through them.  This project took me a bit longer to complete than my earlier projects mostly because I moved twice and changed jobs in the midst of working on them.  They were, however, warmly received as Christmas presents in 2010.

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