These scarves were woven using a kit and directions designed by Anne Field.  This was woven on my table loom using merino wool (Tex 110/2 & Tex 56/2).  The structure is a simple straight draw 4-shart twill.  I believe the article is in the Handwoven Sept/Oct 2004 issue.  One of the finished scarves was given to my mom for a birthday present.  The other scarf was traded to Linda Ziemke for an amazing Ginkgo sculpture out of porcelain.  More picture of the scarves can be found here.  This project was completed in 2009.

This blanket was woven as a birthday present for my niece Katie.  She helped me to pick colors and the weave structure.  When she visited me back in June, she helped me to weave the sample.  Originally, I was planning to use gray cotton chennille for the weft, but after sampling, I decided to use the same pink cotton from the warp as the pattern weft and use a thinner gray cotton as the tabby weft.  The pattern is much more subtle this way, but also more elegant.


Weave Structure: Overshot - Small Honeysuckle from Dixon's The Handweaver's Pattern Directory
Warp yarn:     Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 5/2 - Gray Mauve, Mosstone, Violet Nights
Weft yarn:     Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 10/2 - Frost Gray & Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 5/2 - Gray Mauve

Primary Colored Baby BlanketThese blankets were woven at half the final width then seamed together by needle weaving two panels while matching the pattern.  It was fun to try out another technique for weaving a project that is wider than the weaving width of my loom.  The blankets were woven with with stripes of red, yellow and blue 5/2 cotton in the warp and the same red 5/2 cotton for the weft.  I used the random stripe generator to help to design the stripe pattern then further modified its output to work with the width of my design.  The weave structure is a point twill pattern from The Handweaver's Pattern Directory (page 71 - bottom of the page).  If you want to read a bit more about my experience weaving this project, please check out my project journal.

Finished Checker BoardThis project produced several cloth checker boards and a couple checker board table runners.  The structure for these pieces is summer and winter and they were woven with 10/2 and 5/2 mercerized cotton.

The table runners have checkerboards on each end and would allow two games of checkers, chess or other game to be played simultaneously.  

This was my first project using the summer and winter weave structure and I am looking forward to investigating its possibilities further.

This was my first project warping the loom from back to front - and I am a convert!

For more pictures of this project both on the loom and off the loom, check out my photo gallery for this project.

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