Thirty-eightThirty-eight is made of double-couched, over-beaten abaca with horsehair inclusions.  The paper was dyed in my organic indigo vat then the horsehair was stitched onto another sheet of paper.

PodPod is made from handmade, over-beaten abaca paper and fiber and steel wire.  Some of it was dyed in my organic indigo vat, some left natural and some dyed with walnuts.  The main body of the pod was hand-stitched to create the form.

Repair/Replace is made from Kozo, handwoven silk/stainless steel, and wool fabric.

Additional detail photos of the 3 kozo hearts and the silk/stainless steel/wool pacemaker can be seen here.

Photo credit: Dina Rossi

Kitchen Towels on 24-shaftsThe guild's president's challenge for 2013 was to weave (or otherwise make) kitchen towels to be completed by the February 2014 monthly meeting.  To be honest, I had no interest in this challenge when it was announced last year.  I had so many other projects on my list to complete already that I initially chose not to participate.

But... with the purchase of my new-to-me 24-shaft loom, suddenly (once Christmas projects were complete, etc.) in January, kitchen towels seemed like a good exercise to become more familiar with my loom and with what 24-shafts can do in terms of structures on the same straight threading.

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